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Here are a few screens of the level I`ve been working on. Modelling, Texturing, Level Design and Lighting were done by me, Tree Models and clouds done my Miss Jen. hope you enjoy it.

Another piece of concept art for how things could look while playing our game. We had the idea of using a special cushion block to symbolise the end of the level.

Fabric World v2

Concept art for some ideas of how we want the game to look.

World Concept

Been researching in Photoshop how to get fabric feel, without using any real texture.

This is and concept build made in Maya, for the first level of Thread Bear. As we progress further on with the development you will notice some changes in the layout, but we intend to keep it as close to the this build as possible. Again, this is just a concept build and it will very from the final level!