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The first official trailer for Thread Bear!

Sticky Floors – Indie DB

A little update showing a short demonstration of our sticky sticky floors.

Another piece of concept art for how things could look while playing our game. We had the idea of using a special cushion block to symbolise the end of the level.

Fabric World v2

Concept art for some ideas of how we want the game to look.

World Concept

Here is a collection of styles seen in other games that we are using as reference for our game.  Lots of clever uses of colour to help compliment game play.  Games pictured include Machinarium, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Fez, Flock, Ilomilo, Little Big Planet, Braid and Fairytale Fights.


A rough representation of some colour and textures within how we envisage the end/start of our levels.