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A new version of our demo is now available for download through the IndieDB website. Click on the image below to download Thread Bear.

Download the Demo

Download Thread Bear Demo

We are exciting to inform everyone that Thread Bear will be one of the games on show at this years Newport Game Grads!  Andre and I will be at the opening night so please feel free to come along and have a chat!  We will also have a new updated demo of Thread Bear available to play!

The opening night for the show is the 17th June from 6pm until 9pm and continues to run from 10am until 2pm up until July 1st!

Information is as follows:


Newport Games Grad

A showcase of innovative and thoughtful games from the industry’s bright new talent.

The show will offer a chance to play a wide variety of games, from co-op gaming to intriguing adventure, from card games to web games, and talk to students whose strengths range from traditional drawing to graphic design to 3D modelling and animation.

It will also be an opportunity to see the brand new campus, which recently received the Royal Institute of British Architects Award.

“This year has been incredibly exciting for the course, with our students producing very interesting and innovative work, and really getting involved in the industry – we’ve had three student groups set up companies in Newport in the last year. I am truly proud and privileged to be working with such exciting, talented and dedicated students.” 

- Corrado Morgana, Programme Leader

Join us for the grand opening at City Centre Campus on Friday 17th June, 6-9pm, or visit us from 10am-2pm until 1st July. 

We hope to see you there!


For full information on opening times, location and the projects, please visit

Follow the show:

Show Enquiries:

Kate Killick (+44) 07506 673513


The first demo for Thread Bear is now available for download!

Download the demo here!

We would like to invite people to play it and give us any relevant feedback and suggestions as we are excited to announce that we are planning further development and other platforms.

Please keep in mind that this demo is currently a work in progress.  We are aware of some bugs that will be fixed in time for our next demo version.

Thread Bear Thread Bear Thread Bear Thread Bear Thread Bear Thread Bear

Some new screenshots of Thread Bear! Development is going well, we now have some amazing audio created by Thom Maggs!

More updates to follow shortly…

A small preview of our level. We have a list of things we will be adding over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for some more exciting updates very soon!

Full screen HD video is recommended!